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Image of kids with disabilities

1 in 20 children in the UK (Approx. 800,000) have a disability and often require additional care and support. Almost half of these kids live in poverty.  We want to change this one kid at a time.

Every day we have the choice to make a difference.

How it Works

Buy one.

Harloboxes are gift box custom packed, co-branded, and delivered to yoru team day, offsite, conference or event.  

Give one.

1. We provide 'harloboxes' to those attending your event.  Differentiate you company, team or event with a co-branded, personalised, socially aware gift set.

We need around 2 weeks to prepare your boxes and to get them to your event

2. Co-Branding your harloboxes is a great way to increase the impact for your event.  Send us your logo and our design team will prepare the boxes

3. Your purchase really counts.  For every harlobox you buy, we donate One pound to one of our 3 parter foundations for children with impairment.  Your choice.

For every harlobox you buy we give £1 to a children's foundation

Our harloboxes

Our amazing harloboxes are created for you by our dedicated team, who add a personal touch to every single box.


In each box you get 4-5 accessories, stationary items and small gifts to delight you.   

You also get a personal 'story card' from our team member sharing their story and some information about their disability.

You can also co-brand your harloboxes with your company or team logo to further enhance your event and harlo experience.

These boxes are then delivered directly to your event.  Simple.



National Deaf Children's Society


Noonan syndrome association

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