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  • So what is a harlobox?
    A harlobox is a box that is mailed to you or someone you choose. It contains between 4-8 items (dependent on the size of box you choose). The box will contain a selection of items coordinated by our fashion and creative team. A typical box will contain a mix of business and casual attire/accessories and grooming/cosmetics and is guaranteed to have an individual retail value far in excess of the cost of your collective harlobox.
  • Can I choose the box I want? I like one of the previous boxes shown on your site...
    The simple answer is no. The better answer is not quite... We offer a tailored harlobox to our customers. We try to make your lives easy by providing simple gifts without the stress and hassle. That's why we are so proud of our 3 click selection process. We really try and live our vision of 'Gifts. Done better...' So we curate the boxes and provide them to you with a simple selection criteria. To enable this easy purchase process you select a box type, and we design and fill it for you. As such the boxes we send out are limited editions and will change frequently. We try not to revisit previous boxes because we want to keep the trends moving and our designers busy. As such, once they are gone, that's it, to be replaced by a new and different harlobox. Dependent on our stock, we may offer the items from current and previous boxes for sale individually at their retail value. These can be seen in our shop.
  • Do you offer a subscription like on other sites?
    Yes. We don't believe in tying you into a contract as such our subscription service is not our primary focus. We want you to love each harlobox you buy for yourself or for others and keep coming back for more. We do know that many of our customers value the ease of getting a harlobox delivered each month for a year in a single transaction. Each harlobox is unique month to month. When we launched we were frequently asked if we provided a subscription service, as such we have launched it as a simple way for you to get a harlobox sent to you each month. It's a gift to yourself! Simply go to the 'Subscription page' to select your duration. We call it a harloticket. We focus on simplicity by not tying you into a contract. You pay once for a set number of boxes. We then deliver them monthly to you. Simple.


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